About Energy Studio

We dream in energy & ideas

Energy studio is a creative space for objects that I have designed and created over the past year. All of these objects carry, tell stories about, are inspired by and give back to our Earth's energy. Every item is produced by hand and in small, limited edition batches using only natural materials, mainly from India, where I am from.

Each collection is connected through their relation to energy cycles, either by using gemstones that carry vibrational energy or through ancient symbology and indigenous knowledge forms as inspiration. Ultimately, every cycle is born again through giving back to our communities and the planet.

And so it begins with drop 1: Sacred Geometry, and like the spiral, I hope the creativity and creation never ends. 


Our family has been in the manufacturing business in India for decades. We have generations of expertise in handmade and made-in-India craftsmanship. Today. we have built a longstanding relationship with artisans who boast incredible skill in the art of jewellery making and lost-wax casting. Working with them allows me to explore my tastes, usually influenced by 90s vintage & ancient symbology, and bring them to life.

Our suppliers are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council.